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Being a Womanpreneur can be a tricky balancing act when juggling both business and day-to-day life. We must stay connected to other sisters in business for a shoulder to lean on during those hard to manage days. Whether you need a business bestie for a brainstorm session, encouragement, to act as a second pair of eyes, collaborative venture, celebrate your wins, or simply just to have someone in the trenches with you that truly understands this is the retreat for you! 

Your brain is continually overflowing with ideas, but the clutter leaves you feeling overwhelmed and off-balance. You're tired of all the "live your dream life" and "follow your passion" gurus with little to no practical resources on how to execute your ideas, become visible, or bolster your momentum. You've identified business pain points, yet you're always second-guessing your next move and have little to no structure in place. You are passionate about your work and want success without sacrificing your mental health and personal life. All too often, you doubt yourself as to whether you can realistically maintain balance. 

Relax, we got you covered.

The Business Bestie Retreat will give you the tools to revitalize your mindset, resources for those pain points, receive support in a sisterhood setting, and connect you with other women who understand the entrepreneurial journey.  Our mission with this four-day retreat is to help streamline and simplify your processes with valuable resources and tools, set SMART goals with achievable milestones, and connect you with some dope women. This retreat will inspire and motivate you to relax, reflect, reboot, and refocus.

Between the valuable presentations by our special guest speakers, to the alone time at the spa, you'll have everything you need to go back home feeling refreshed and recharged

Retreat Host
Ambera Brown

Passionate Coach & Entrepreneur

Ambera Brown is a Qualified Marketer, Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Business Coach- who is all about empowering women entrepreneurs to step up and stand out! 

Ambera's sole purpose of hosting this event is to build a supportive sisterhood of female entrepreneurs. She wishes to crush the preconceived notion that women can't work together and rarely support one another. Her goal is to completely squash that bullshit story and serve as a resource for those looking to be part of something bigger than themselves, while having a little fun in the process!

For more than 15 years, she worked hard to develop knowledge and skills across the areas of marketing, sales, leadership, and operational excellence. Throughout that time, she worked in an international capacity and gained extensive experience in overseas marketing and sales. And every step of the ways, she worked to immerse herself in her craft so that she could continue to build a skill set of best practices that she could apply later in life.

Investment Includes:

Welcome Reception

2 Group Excursions

Professional Headshots

All Meals + Alcoholic beverages

Retreat T-shirt

Free Wi-Fi

Retreat Tickets

Retreat Swag Bag

Printed Workbook

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