When fully executed, this document will establish an agreement between Ambera Brown, LLC herein after referred to as “Business Bestie Retreat and/or BBR” and the sponsoring business or organization referred to as “The Sponsor” in support of the Business Bestie Retreat in Cabo, San Lucas Mexico on June 9-21, 2021. Business Bestie Retreat reserves the right to accept or refuse any sponsorship.  BBR reserves the right to adopt additional regulations and to modify these terms and conditions, as may be deemed necessary for the general success of the Event.


PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY – Full payment must be received with the form within 30 days from the submission to secure the Sponsorship. Without full payment, BBR cannot guarantee and will not reserve the Sponsorship for the Sponsor. All request for cancellation of a Sponsorship must be submitted in writing to info@businessbestieretreat.com. All paid and guaranteed Sponsorships cancelled in writing (as set forth in the Terms and Conditions) at least ninety (90) days in advance are subject to the approval of BBR. If approved Sponsor will receive a fifty percent (50%) refund of the total sponsorship fee. No refunds or credits will be issued, or cancellation requests received less than ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled Event. Sponsorships are non-transferable.


TERM – The term of the Sponsorship Agreement shall commence on the date payment is received and shall continue in full force and effect until the conclusion of the Event. Sponsor may identify itself as a business sponsor of Business Bestie Retreat during the term as provided in the Sponsorship agreement. Except as required by law, Sponsor will not issue any press release or other public statement (including on its website) relating to its Sponsorship without obtaining Business Bestie Retreat’s prior written consent.


COMPLIANCE – Sponsor agrees to comply with all rules, regulations and polices of BBR, as currently in existence and as may be adopted hereafter by BBR.

SPONSORSHIP APPROVAL – All Sponsorship promotions are subject to approval by BBR. BBR reserves the right to restrict, prohibit, or remove any material or promotion by the Sponsor which, in its opinion and at tis sole discretion, becomes objectionable for any reason and may detract from the general character of the Event. In no event shall BBR be liable for any expenses incurred because of such restriction, prohibition, or removal.

COMPANY RECOGNITION – A Sponsorship shall exist under one (1) business/company brand name only. Sponsorship cannot be shared between two (2) or more entities. The Sponsor shall receive appropriate acknowledge as a sponsor of the 2021 BBR at the level indicated. BBR Sponsorship recognition and opportunities include items outlined on the Sponsorship Recognition page. 

SPONSORSHIP MATERIALS – BBR retains complete control over the design of all materials produced to fulfill the Sponsorship. All materials used to advertise the Event shall remain the property of BBR.

COMPANY LOGO - Upon Sponsorship Agreement, Sponsor may provide BBR with multiple versions of the company logo. BBR will select best version and will make the final decision regarding placement and/or juxtaposition of sponsor(s) logo shall rest with BBR. 

COSTS & EXPENSES – All cost, fees, and expenses not directly covered as benefits of Sponsorship are the full responsibility of the sponsor.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – Subject to the provisions below relation to termination of the Agreement, BBR’s trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos and artwork displayed on the signs and other material hereunder, and all trademark rights or copyrights in such signs and other materials, shall and remain the sole and exclusive property of BBR. Sponsor shall not have the right to use in any way or reproduce for any purpose the business or trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, or other proprietary symbols of BBR without BBR’s prior written consent. BBR’s use of Sponsors’ name and logo pursuant to the Sponsorship does not convey BBR’s approval, endorsement, certification, or referral of any product or service provided by Sponsor.

Sponsor will not state or imply, orally or in writing, that Business Bestie Retreat, or its respective officers, directors, or employees, endorse Sponsor or its products.

TERMINATION- If BBR decides cancels the Event, BBR will refund the Sponsorship fee amount to the Sponsor within thirty (30) days of providing notification to Sponsor of termination of the Event.

GOVERNING LAW – This Sponsorship Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas.


EXCLUSIVITY - The Sponsorship proceeds shall be used by BBR strictly for the Event. The contribution of will allow the Sponsor to be the exclusive sponsor of the event (if applicable).


CONFIDENTIALITY -Sponsor will use Confidential Information (as defined below) only in connection with Sponsor’s activities under this Agreement and keep it confidential. “Confidential Information” means all information, in any form, furnished to or obtained by Sponsor from Business Bestie Retreat including, without limitation, project plans and strategies, donor data, and budget and other financial data. It does not include information which: (a) is or becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of a disclosure by Business Bestie Retreat; (b) was known by Sponsor prior to its being furnished by Business Bestie Retreat; (c) is or becomes available to Sponsor on a non-confidential basis from a source other than Business Bestie Retreat; or (d) is independently developed by Sponsor.


FORCE MAJEURE- Neither party will be required to perform or be held liable for failure to perform if nonperformance is caused by labor strikes, work stoppages, war, hostilities, national emergency, acts of God, epidemics, quarantines, natural disasters, power failures, or any other causes beyond the control of the party unable to perform. The non-performing party will notify and consult with the other party regarding the event and how to minimize its impact, and in all cases will make reasonable efforts to address the problem and carry out its obligations.


MISCELLANEOUS – Amendments of the Sponsorship Agreement. No term of this Sponsorship Agreement may be amended, modified, or waived without the express written permission of each party hereto. Neither party to this Sponsorship Agreement may assignment transfer, sell, pledge, or hypothecate its rights, title of interest in this contract or any part thereof, or any rights or privileges created thereby without prior written consent of the other party. Any assignment or attempted assignment contrary to this paragraph shall be null and void. This Sponsorship Agreement shall be binding upon all successors, legal representatives and permitted assigns of the parties.

When future Business Bestie Retreat are scheduled, The Sponsor shall have the right of first refusal on continuing its sponsorship of the event.